Concierge Case Management

Tailored recovery paths and collaborative treatment oversight for alcohol use disorders, substance use disorders, and dual diagnosis mental health disorders.

Concierge Case Management

Every client's set of circumstances are unique to that person and their family. This is why we know that concierge solutions pieced together to fit your specific needs works best. We develop short-term or long-term treatment paths; create multidisciplinary treatment teams; coordinate and execute plans while navigating you every step of the way.

We are a single point of contact service to ensure everyone involved is making informed decisions on the most updated information.

Through established relationships with vetted professionals in behavioral healthcare, criminal justice, medical, and mental health industries, we know exactly who to bring on as a member of your specific treatment team. We coordinate successful transitions at each level of care while providing legal mitigation services, if needed.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God’s World by mistake.

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What Processes Are Involved with Our Concierge Case Management Services?

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Individualized Treatment Path

After a comprehensive screening, we create a plan tailored around your specific needs, meeting you exactly where you are.

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Compassionate Guidance

With experience spanning over a decade, we provide solutions with a sense of urgency for individuals and families in crisis, as well as, education regarding addiction specific to your needs.

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Single Point of Contact

We are the single point of contact for the client, the family, and all professionals brought in as part of your treatment team to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information is being communicated. A treatment team may consist of: criminal defense attorney, DUI/DWI attorney, family law attorney, physician, nurse practitioner, counselor, social worker, licensed clinician, psychiatrist, etc.

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Legal Mitigation Packets

Following an in-depth review of the case with the attorney, a comprehensive screening with the client, and interviews with family members, we create legal mitigation documents for the attorney to show the connection between compulsive behaviors, addiction, and their negative consequences.

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Advocate for the Client & the Family

We are dedicated to ensuring each of the following:

  • Professionals, at all levels of care, hired will provide an appropriate fit for your specific needs.
  • Insurance needs are met by checking benefits and verifying which providers accept your specific insurance.
  • Maintaining high ethical standards with our professional partnerships.
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Continuity of Treatment & Support

Clients who engage in multiple levels of continuing care have better outcomes. We serve as an accountability partner to the client to help ensure engagement and retention throughout each level of care. We maintain effective working relations with our providers to ensure the shared goal of high quality care.

What Our Referral Partners are Saying...

Michelle has so much passion and dedication to RECOVERY. She lives her life to helping clients and families with addiction. If you're looking for someone to take care of the needs of your live one while you're battling this fatal disease. Look no further than Ms. MICHELLE.

Quincy Carter
Former Dallas Cowboys QB | Quincy Carter QB School

Michelle has a proven passion for and commitment to substance abuse recovery. Her years of experience have made her a valuable resource for individuals and families struggling with addiction as well as professional consultation. Michelle truly understands what holistic long term recovery is and works tirelessly to support it. 

Michelle, is a very compassionate and great hearted. She is dedicated to making sure every call is answered and every client gets the opportunity at the recovery freedom  they deserve. Working with Michelle is always a very organized, seamless and professional experience.

Marketha L Washington
NCRC, NCFC | Interventionist & Business Development

How Can Our Concierge Case Management Services Benefit You?

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has defined addiction as a chronic brain disease. Because the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, the earlier alcohol consumption, drug exposure, or trauma is introduced to the brain, the greater the damage. Therefore, we believe, to achieve sustained long-term recovery our holistic approach is crucial to the healing of the whole person.

You or your loved one struggling with an addiction should not be blamed for having a disease, but rather be able to get quality, evidence-based care to address it. With the help and support for engagement and retention in treatment, they increase their chances of recovery and survival. This is where Holistic Path Management plays a major role in helping you and your family achieve successful outcomes.

How Our Process Works

  • The client, family member, attorney or referring professional contacts us.
  • Conduct a free initial consultation with the client and/or family.
  • Holistic Path Management is hired.
  • Overview of your case is discussed with the referring professional, if there is one.
  • If there are pending legal issues involved, see our Legal Mitigation page for these steps.
  • Interviews with the family members, when appropriate.
  • Comprehensive screening of the client.
  • Individualized Treatment Path developed including detailed aftercare plan.
  • Treatment team established.
  • Collaboration with determined treatment facilities and healthcare professionals.
  • Track and record facility updates and client's progress through each level of care; providing communication with approved treatment team members.
  • Accountability and support throughout entire process for the client and the family.
  • At any point during this process, we provide resources and placements for the family members.

We are passionate about helping each one of our clients and family members!

Remember, you can recover and there is hope.

Allow us to navigate you to freedom in recovery.

Get started today!

Let us manage the complex path to addiction recovery.