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Tailored recovery paths and collaborative treatment oversight for alcohol and substance use disorders, including dual diagnosis mental health disorders.

Holistic Path Management is the only firm to offer comprehensive addiction treatment case management with legal mitigation research and litigation support.

We develop and navigate individualized treatment paths for young adults, adults, and their family members offering healthy solutions during this critical time.

We meet you were you are

Holistic Path Management realizes the struggles that addiction causes the family as a whole. With broken relationships, inability to maintain employment, health complications, or legal issues, we want to offer hope because recovery is possible.

Specializing in Legal Mitigation Services

Holistic Path Management specializes in providing litigation support by developing comprehensive mitigation reports designed to prove a clear and concise connection to the client's behavior and substance use disorder.

Providing a pathway to long-term recovery

Holistic Path Management is devoted to each individual case with the ultimate goal of providing the gifts of freedom, resiliency, and self-confidence for long-term recovery.

What is Holistic Path Management?

Services with an  integrative and collaborative approach providing comprehensive case management and legal mitigation for those searching for healing from alcohol use disorders, substance use disorders, and dual diagnosis mental health disorders.

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Providing solutions for the whole person: mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being.

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Developing and overseeing individualized treatment paths for the client and the family while partnering with client-centered legal and healthcare professionals in Texas and across the country.

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Screening, planning, coordinating, and monitoring actions required to meet the individualized treatment path created for the client and the family. Empowering them to make informed decisions. Ensuring care provided by all members of the treatment team is safe, timely, and effective.

Michelle M Sandlin

Founder & CEO of Holistic Path Management

Holistic Path Management LLC was founded by Michelle M Sandlin to help save lives from alcohol use disorders, substance use disorders, and dual diagnosis mental health disorders. Working in the behavioral healthcare industry for over a decade, it became apparent that both the client and the family struggled with knowing where to start, who to call, how did they get to this point, and why was this happening? Over time, Michelle has seen fear and anxiety levels reach new heights. She decided to dedicate her career to being a guide for individuals and families by providing solutions and education surrounding addiction.
Michelle started her own recovery journey in 2004 in Mississippi and moved to Texas in 2009 to begin a career in the behavioral healthcare industry. She served in roles such as community educator, assistant director of admissions, senior business development consultant, director of business development, and professional relations officer. One common thread throughout each of these roles was acting as a case manager and advocate for the client and the family. Michelle’s extensive industry knowledge, experience, and nationwide referral partners allow her to develop holistic, tailored pathways to recovery and healing for the entire family.
Michelle’s passion and talents are most visible in her ability to collaborate in a team approach in the criminal justice industry. She is laser focused when advocating for clients facing legal challenges due to their addiction. Michelle specializes in bridging the gap between incarceration/court requirements and treatment by providing case management for the client and the family, and partners with the criminal defense attorney or family law attorney developing individualized mitigation packets and providing litigation support.
Michelle has had the privilege of working for and accumulating invaluable training under some of behavioral healthcare’s nationally recognized professionals, such as Kitty Harris, PhD, LMFT, LCDC, CEO & President of NLW Partners; Mandy Baker, MS, LCDC, President & CCO, BRC Recovery Centers; Sterling Shumway, PhD, LMFT, Director, Institute for the Study of Addiction, Recovery, and Families at Texas Tech University; Daniel Krasner, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Summit BHC. She has been a member of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) since 2017, serving on the DWI Committee (2018-2020) and the Mental Health Committee (2020-Present). Michelle also served as a board member on Lubbock’s Drug Court Advisory Board from 2015-2020. She is honored to be one of the newest board members (2022) for Clover Education Consulting Group based in East Texas.
She currently resides in the DFW area.
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Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
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